Monday, September 3, 2012

Campaign Finance Reform

Money in politics... scratch that, Money = Politics.


It has been a problem for a long, long time; forever in fact. Citizens United was just the icing on the cake.

The fact that special interest money has such an overwhelming effect on; elections and government is the primary road block to accomplishing anything of meaning. For that reason, it should be the primary initiative for all citizens to effect change on. Without fixing this problem, all other problems (related to our government anyway) are UNSOLVABLE.

There may be occasions when you agree with the decisions being made... terrific, just know this; at best the special interest and your interest were aligned on a particular issue, but the outcome had NOTHING to do with your interest, at worst the special interest through the power of money and media influenced your thinking into alignment (congrats!).

So, how do we fix this? Many state and local municipalities have tried to change the effect of money on elections. Some have done ok, but most have run up against court challenges or lack of public support. This lack of success is based in how the legislation is written and of course... the influence of special interest money on elections.

Given the marginal rate of success to this point, we need to focus on ONLY electing candidates who will make this a priority and if they don't, electing someone else.

Additionally, we need election laws that are simple and bulletproof.

1. Move to amend - constitutional amendment defining money as NOT speech.
2. Regulations on public media outlets (radio, tv, internet) to require the airing of "x" amount of time (and at the correct time) for every "qualified" candidate in a federal race. This lessens the tax payer burden and somewhat mutes the advantage of a candidate who does not accept public financing.
3. Provide public funds to any qualified candidate in a federal race if they so choose to participate. The funds need to be substantial from the start so as to encourage as many candidates as possible to participate.

If we have several candidates running in each race the value of each dollar spent on any one is dissipated, it encourages the rise of smaller parties and independents.

We can make this happen, email this post to your Congress person or Senator, tell them you'll settle for nothing less.

Choose liberty!

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