Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Believe in people

Do you think that at your core you are a good, hard working, well intentioned person?
Do you think the same of those around you?

If you answered yes to the first and no to any of the second, why?

I contend that most people want to contribute and they want to do something well. They want to feel good about themselves. I would further contend that most people do not feel good about themselves.

People tell themselves they are not good, can’t do it, won’t get a chance, aren’t significant, etc. etc. etc. Then they go and prove it to themselves everyday, cementing these beliefs in their mind. Wouldn’t it be great if you helped just one person believe in themselves? Truly believe that they were better than they were living, capable of so much more.

Then watch them go out and prove it to themselves everyday, cementing that belief in their mind.

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