Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Knicks call it a season...

After an abysmal 9 wins and 25 losses start to the NBA season the New York Knicks have decided to drop out of the rest of the season and their future opponents will win by forfeit.

Coach Isaiah Thomas indicated that the "league had spoken" and there just wasn't much point in continuiing.

Why does this story seem ludicrous when it's barely news at all when a major party candidate for President drops out after a couple states in the primary round? I just don't get it, never have. Iowa and New Hampshire? This is the collective and unified voice of a nation? Are you serious?

Governor Richardson is on the way out and people are writing off John Edwards.

Are we such a nation of lemmings that we will just gravitate to those who appear to have the upper hand? Isn't the very reason the primaries are spread out is so the whole nation can get a look at the candidates and judge them on their merits, up close and personal like?

Candidates on all sides, STAY IN THE RACE. Make your opponents earn this, we are talking about President of the United States right? We need a leader who will fight for their country, that fight has just begun.

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